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New Book : A Comprehensive Prayer Formula

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New Book : A Comprehensive Prayer Formula


Zaharuddin Abd Rahman




Alhamdulillah, my book title ‘Formula Solat Sempurna' in its English version has successfully been published. Thanks to all parties involved and contributed to the final outcome of this book. This English version is identical to the Malay version except with small modification especially on the translation of a hadith in the book to avoid misunderstanding of the meaning.

My primary intention when working on this subject is to perfect my own prayer. An extensive research was carried out which relies on various classical works in order to extract the comprehensive understandings of the noble scholars on this subject. Then, I realized that what a great loss indeed if these treasures of knowledge are benefitted by an individual only. Therefore, I decided to produce this work for the benefit of the Muslims.

Thus, the objective of this treatise is to bring the Muslims closer to prayer by increasing their understanding on this subject as well as encouraging them to evaluate and perfect their prayers.

This treatise is built upon the opinions of the Shāfi`ī school of thought by presenting the evidences used by the Shāfi`īs and the opinions of the Shāfi`ī scholars as this is the established school of thought in Malaysia.

Nevertheless, in order to strengthen the discussion, I would also include the opinions of the Companions of the Prophet  as well as the opinions of other scholars, in matters pertaining to the Sunnah acts of prayer. For example, there are several movements that are not considered as obligatory or Sunnah by the Shāfi`īs but, they are, according to other schools of thought. The reason I included these discussions is to increase our understanding and to improve our prayers.

In the workshops I conducted throughout the country as well as in Brunei, the majority of the participants assumed that their prayers were perfect according to the teachings of the Shāfi`ī school of thought although it was, in reality, the contrary. Nonetheless, it is not a major problem since most of things that differ are not from the fundamentals; they are either the Sunnah acts or others. Even though it does not affect the validity of prayer, we should strive hard to improve and perfect our prayers by observing the prayer according to the manner taught by Prophet.  

In summary, through this book, I seek to:

a)    Invite the readers to reflect upon the hadīth of the Prophet  in which he says, "Pray as you have seen me praying" while giving precedence to the interpretations of evidences by the Shāfi`ī scholars. In addition, the opinions of other schools of thought are also analyzed and benefitted from wherever pertinent.

b)    Motivate the Muslims to perform prayer in the best manner possible by perfecting its pillars and Sunnah acts as well as observing its conditions, through learning and understanding the evidences.

c)     Deepen the relationship with prayer by pondering upon the recitations of the prayer and its movements in perfecting the prayer internally.

d)    Enhance the understanding of the Muslims on the matters that inhibit the presence of khushū` in prayer, especially from among the major sins.

e)    Improve the knowledge of this act of worship which we are commanded to perform five times every single day until our last breath.



 A Gift For Adults

Some people presume that this kind of book is meant for children although parents themselves are still struggling with their prayers. It is very disheartening to see that most of the tools available pertaining to prayer, such as books and workshops, are aimed for children. How about the parents or adults? Why is no one helping them?

Therefore, this book is meant for adults to assess their prayers so that they may improve and perfect their prayers. I tried my best not to pass on rulings; rather, all that I presented in this book are the interpretations of the evidences by the scholars. Also, in this book, I present discussions such as:

"What is the situation of someone who performs an act based on his understanding of the related evidence and its interpretation of the scholars?" or "Perhaps with a sincere intention, we will be rewarded, but if we leave it, there is no harm upon us."

It is not my intention at all to boast with what I have researched on this subject or to deny the teachings of other scholars. Instead, through this small effort, I hope to present the knowledge pertaining to prayer in a simple, yet comprehensive manner.

I believe that the numbers of books referred to are not as important as the quality. Therefore, I had to limit myself to selecting some classical works as well as the contemporary ones that are well-established, in sharing the treasures extracted from these works with the readers.

My ability is limited in terms of studying every single book that is available in the market, yet it does not stop me from sharing whatever I have benefitted from my course of research on this subject. If there is anyone who seeks to produce a book on this subject in order to benefit the Muslims, I will not hesitate to lend him my outmost support and encouragement.

Finally, I hope that this small effort will be included amongst my good deeds and will be accepted by Allāh . In addition, I pray that this work will be of benefit, in this life and the Hereafter, for the english readers. Āmīn.




Zaharuddin Abd Rahman

18 Oktober 2009

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